Take Care of You Tip: You Need to Do Something for Yourself. No, really.

Last week I attended motivational speaker Rachel Hollis Rise Business conference in Charleston, South Carolina. I headed into the trip exhausted. Both kids had strep, the dog ran away (she came back), I did something funky to my hip, and work was non-stop. On top of that, my 9-year-old intensely hates when I travel, and spent 2 days begging me to stay home. 

Part of me wanted to crawl into bed and sleep for 3 days instead of sitting in an arena with 6,200 strangers (did I mention I was attending solo?). But there was no way in hell I was spending all that money to not go - no matter how much mom guilt I had.

What happened over the next 3 days felt life-changing. I came home exhilarated, passionate, and ready to take on the world. And while this week we’re dealing with a second round of strep, and my hip is still acting up, the energy I got from Rise has carried me through.

Feeling like there’s no way you can take time for yourself?

That’s usually when you need to the most.

Attending a business conference may not be your ideal time away but find something that is. Something just for YOU. It doesn’t have to be for 3 days, or in another state.  But make it enough that you can actually shut your brain off for a few hours from all the things weighing it down at home and concentrate on yourself. 

What is something that you genuinely want to do – a place you want to visit, a class you want to take, a group you want to join? What will lift you up? What will make you feel like a more energized, positive woman?  If you need some inspiration, check out great suggestions from our D Squad for little ways to give yourself a boost.  

What will give you hope in tomorrow?

Find that thing and go do it.

About the mom guilt, we’ve got to cut that out! I can tell you that the mom who came home from Rise was a much better version than the mom who left. And my 9-year-old was just fine. 

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