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20 Fast Ways to Get Outta Your Divorce Funk

It’s so important to find little ways to lift yourself up as you go through the stress of divorce. Think you don’t have the time? Our D-Squad encourages you to think again! Here are 20 of their favorite, fast pick-me-ups…

  1. Go for a run. It does wonders. If you don’t believe me, google “running and endorphins.” It’s scientific.

  2. Meet a friend for coffee. There’s something amazing about a coffee shop and a good friend. Consider it $5 therapy.

  3. Sign up for kickboxing. Nothing gets that anger out better. You’ll feel like a bad-ass chick, kicking and punching in your bright pink boxing gloves.

  4. Get a massage. Ahh the incredible power of human touch. Make it 90 minutes if you can swing it.

  5. Take a bath. This was a favorite. I’ll add my own personal feel-good concoction: turn the heat up to about 90% of full throttle. We’re talking hot-tub hot. Once the tub is about halfway full, add 2 cups of Epsom salt and at least 10 drops of lavender essential oil. Make sure you lock the door so no little people or four-legged creatures interrupt your quiet moment. Serenity now.

  6. Pour yourself a good glass of wine. Or two. Just try not to make it the bottle. (If you do need a few glasses every so often, one of our posse members swears by Thrive wine to avoid the morning hangover. Just sayin'.)

  7. Pump it up, yo, pump it. Techno-tronic style. There’s something about a good beat that makes it hard not to feel a little better. Here’s a link to our playlist for just this sort of occasion.

  8. Write a letter to your spouse. A love letter, a hate letter. Whatever it is. Pour your heart out, unfiltered. Just get it all out. BUT DO NOT SEND IT. Unless you want it to become Exhibit “A” in your court case. Or if you need to send it, send it to your lawyer. Or your therapist.

  9. Snuggle your dog.

  10. Go for a power walk. If running’s not your thing, that shouldn’t stop you from getting out in the fresh air.

  11. Garden. I have a brown thumb, but I’m told by our green thumbed squad members that gardening is to gardeners what running is to runners. Plus, there are proven health benefits to getting dirty. (We’re talking real dirt, girl. Get your mind out of the gutter.)

  12. Watch a funny movie. Laughter is truly the best medicine.

  13. Volunteer. For any charity that moves you. Because I promise you, no matter how bad your lot in life, there is always someone who is worse off. Not only does doing good, well, do good, but giving to others gives more to the giver. Win win.

  14. Take a nap.

  15. Pray. To whomever you pray to, in whatever forum you pray. Prayer can be in a house of worship or on your closet floor. There’s so much power in connecting to something bigger.

  16. Take a weekend getaway. Changing up your surroundings can be the jolt you need to get out of a funk and see something in a different light.

  17. Use essential oils. Orange, lemon, lavender… they can help with boosting energy, improving digestion, relieving stress and calming nerves.

  18. Cook. If cooking’s your thing (it’s mine), then you know what I mean when I say cooking is therapy.

  19. Play an instrument.

  20. Sing. Belt it out, at the top of your lungs. Note that this one came from a squad member who cannot sing. I’ve heard her and she’s really not good. But she doesn’t let that stop her, and neither should you.



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