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Real Women Tell All: What Got Them Through Those First Few Days

We asked, our Divorce Squad answered: what things - big or small - got you through your first 72 hours after deciding to get a divorce? Go!

Jane says:

"A gratitude list. Sounds like a cliche, but my best friend made sure I emailed her 5 unconventional things a day for which I was grateful (Bradley Cooper, the opposable thumb...). I found myself looking for funny things each day. Damn if it actually did help!"

Beth says:

"I got oddly obsessed with redesigning my engagement ring into a beautiful cocktail ring. I wear it on my middle finger!"

Pam says:

"Books. I gave myself permission to find the time to get totally, utterly lost in other people's drama. It took my mind off things and reminded me, this too shall pass."

Karen says:

“I got a tiny tattoo on my wrist with a buddhist symbol for strength. I knew I needed to gear up for one of the biggest challenges of my life, and later on it gave me comfort to glance at it during difficult lawyer meetings or challenging conversations with my ex.”

Ann says:

"A two-day Amy Schumer Netflix binge."

Monique says:

"Girlfriends, massive amounts of exercise, long walks, Starbucks ..."

Liz says:

"I took family meal-planning and cooking off my plate and bought pre-made dinners from Trader Joe's for a week. With no guilt."

Lynn says:

"Remarkable friends and family guided me through the first 72 hours. Trusted loved ones unveiled their diversified skills, shrewd recommendations, financial assistance & valuable connections. Girlfriends are resourceful and rally when it comes to consoling one of their own."

Nicole says:

"Drinks with friends, trips to see old friends who went through divorce, I learned how to meditate, and I did a LOT of running to calm myself down."

Kristin says:

"Spent time with a wonderful tribe of women – my neighbors."

Jill says:

"My ex and I got snowed into the same house for 3 days after I filed! NOT the plan for the first 72 hours!!"



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