What's the Nicest Thing a Friend Did for You During Your Divorce?

Monique says...

"Send a care box that included a coffee mug (so we could share a cup of coffee together), some hand lotion (because she would hold my hand if she could), and a bottle of bright red nail polish - because even when she's down, a woman's gotta have great toes!"

Kristin says...

"Listen, listen, listen."

Laurie says...

"Stand by me no matter what I told her - or what she learned."

Dan says...

"Came with me when I served my ex."

Cynthia says...

"At one point I wasn't sure I'd have a place to live after the judge awarded our home to my ex. One friend offered me a couch. Another, the room in her basement. Another, her attic. And another, her lake house. And finally, another friend found me an inexpensive and beautiful apartment for rent -- where I live today."

Nicole says...

"Lend me money for the initial meeting with my attorney so it wouldn't show in my bank account for my husband to see."

Julie says...

When I was going through a particularly rough patch, feeling up to my ears in it all, my girlfriend set up a Meal Train for me. For one week, I had friends anonymously leave a lovely meal on my doorstep at 5:00pm. I was never told who cooked it, and they didn’t ring the doorbell (so no pressure to put on a good face or put out energy). It was such a blessing to feel so cared for by friends who truly expected nothing in return.

Lynn says...

"Serve as my chauffeur, personal assistant, therapist, stylist, PR Exec, mani/pedi sidekick, social secretary, animal boarding service, and yoga buddy."


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