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Me-time: These 10 Movies are Perfect for Solo-Viewing

Julie and I recently saw the new film Marriage Story and were blown away. It’s such an honest and moving depiction of what can really go on during a divorce, and how things can spiral out of control. Really well done.

This sparked an internal debate here at Divorce in Good Company: should we recommend this film to you all? It’d be strange not to bring it up, as it’s so timely and relevant. But it’s at once beautiful and heartbreaking, so we’re leaving it to you to decide if you’re in the right mental space to watch it (if you do, we’d love to hear your thoughts!)

We also thought it would be a good time to suggest a few other movies that are great for solo viewing, since the holiday season may afford you some me-time without a partner or the kids. How often do you actually get to watch a movie you picked – like, one that’s not rated G, or starring The Rock? (No offense, Dwayne Johnson).

So, slip into your favorite PJs and pour yourself a glass of wine. This list is just a start.

  1. A Star is Born: Because we could watch that scene in the parking lot when Gaga belts it out over and over again.

  2. Eat Pray Love: This one might inspire you to step outside your own comfort zone and discover what actually makes you happy. And if you end up in Bali, drop us a postcard.

  3. Bridesmaids You might think this is really a movie intended for Girls’ Night – and it is! But it’s also equally fun to not think about important things and just laugh on your own.

  4. The Pursuit of Happyness: Will Smith funny is one thing, but Will Smith as a father desperate to provide for his child? Bring on the ugly tears.

  5. Chef – Do you like tacos? And Sofia Vergara? This heart-warming movie just makes you feel good (and hungry).

  6. Knocked Up – We’ll forever quote the "doorman" scene where Leslie Mann tries to get into the night club. (Trivia note: we hear this is Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s all-time favorite movie scene!)

  7. Broadcast News – The sharpest dialogue, great characters and prime Holly Hunter.

  8. The Martian or Good Will Hunting – Or both! Because, Matt Damon.

  9. Lost in Translation - One of Bill Murray's greatest performances, and great work from a really young Scarlett Johansson, too.

  10. To Catch a Thief – Go classic. You can’t do better than Cary Grant as your perfect companion for the night.

What’s on your list? We’d love to know…

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1 Comment

Thanks for the welcome suggestions. Cary Grant still makes everything better. Watched Marriage Story & had to pause it several times. Would recommend to those who initiate the divorce. Some who are new to the receiving end (aka “respondents”) may want to wait a few months. Matt Damon is always an excellent choice. Bourne series (minus Bourne Legacy) are effective diversions. Same for Oceans Eleven, Twelve & Thirteen. For those really wanting an escape, please see Amazon for the James Bond Collection (new one includes Spectre). Or just the ones w/Daniel Craig... All will be well.

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