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How are you doing?

It seems we can’t check email, social media, or even say hi to a neighbor (from a safe 6+ feet away) without hearing about coronavirus.   It’s having such an impact on all of our daily lives.

We know this virus may also be affecting YOU in unique ways.  And when you’re already under a good bit of stress dealing with divorce, your tank might have been less-than-full before adding the anxiety of COVID-19 to the mix.

Here’s a link up to some articles and tools to help you cultivate whatever it is you most need right now.

If you need:


Courts around the country are restricting access to all but the most urgent matters.  That means they’ll still hear some criminal and domestic violence matters, but probably not your child support request.  I feel you on this one - one of my clients has been waiting for 3 months for a hearing that got canceled yesterday.  If you’re dealing with coronavirus-induced postponements in your court case or other delays in your divorce, Headspace has some great meditations on patience and dealing with setbacks. And remember the Serenity Prayer. (As a side note, some judges are allowing for hearings to take place by teleconference right now.  You might need to have a notary present to swear you in.  Ask your lawyer or contact your judge’s office to find out.) calm your nerves: 

No doubt all this uncertainty and chaos may be adding to your already high stress levels.  We love this for its instant calming effect.

... entertainment for little ones: 

If you’ve got kids at home, here’s a good article on some creative ways to keep them busy.

...a little escape.

If you’ve already had your fill of Netflix romcoms and documentaries, now you can experience virtual tours of the best museums from around the world in the comfort of your own home. So cool!

...a smile: 

It’s hard to feel positive right now, we know. In Italy, children have hung banners on their windows — colorful rainbows that say ‘Andrà tutto bene,’ meaning ‘Everything will be fine’. What a beautiful way to say that this too shall pass. take the edge off:

Stuck in the same house with your ex, can’t get to the store, and finding your nerves are through the roof?  One of our D-Squaders put it best:  

For this, friend, Total Wine offers free wine delivery for orders of $99 or more.  😀

And finally, if you need to look for the silver lining...  

My own reminder to look for one even on the hard days:  I had so much to get done today.  But between technology fails and suddenly running a home school, it felt impossible.  My kids are also quite annoyed that our version of “social distancing” includes no play dates, and the constant whining wasn’t helping. I’d pretty much given up on the day, when my 10 year old asked if I wanted to take the dog for a walk. (Normally I’d be too busy working, or she’d be too busy with her friends.  Today we were neither.)  When we got back, she suggested a bike ride.  She stopped at one of the green spaces in our community, and asked if tomorrow we can come back for a picnic.  Then she said “Mommy, I’m having so much fun with you. This being home thing isn’t so bad.”   

Ladies, it's a tougher-than-tough time, but remember: you got this!



Love these westinflorida. Thanks for sharing!


Whether moving or staying, these home dec apps are fun sources of inspiration for *your* personalized living spaces. The slate is essentially wiped clean & the possibilities are endless. If you‘ve always wanted to paint your kitchen red, chill some wine, blast your power tunes (possibly start w/ Frampton Comes Alive) & get on with it. No more obligation to have multiple animal heads mounted on the walls unless, of course, you adore them. Refinishing the perfect piece of furniture & listing items on eBay, Craigslist + OfferUp is exhilarating. On another note, yet equally satisfying, is using his Ping driver to hit a bucket or ten of range balls. Use your imagination to release any pent up frustration. Wishing all…

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