Questions to Ask Yourself Before Hitting Send

1. Did I stick to the facts?

Only include what you can prove to be true.

2. Is my language insulting?

If so, make it a more neutral tone.

3. Does my communication respond to what was actually asked?

If not, respond directly and delete the extraneous language.

4. Does my communication respond to all of what was asked?

If not, this will encourage more interactions – we’re going for less, so go back and directly respond to each comment or question asked.

5. Is my response short and to the point, while giving enough information?

Take out extra language that you don’t need to include or add what you feel is missing.

6. Are there absolutes in what I wrote?

Avoid the words “always” and “never.”

7. How would I feel if the Judge, my grandmom, or the higher power I believe in read what I wrote?

If it’s anything other than “good,” try a more constructive version.

8. Could I replace this entire email with one word – “yes” or “no” – and still get the same outcome?

If so, do that!

9. Is my language apologetic even though I did nothing wrong?

If so, try removing phrases that make it so.

10. Will I be proud of myself if I re-read what I wrote 10 years from now when this is all past me?

At the end of the day, how you feel about yourself is what matters the most. So speak like the woman you’re proud to be.

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